Annual Advancements in Medicine Special Section

By Lucy Morris

New research in the field of medicine constantly brings us updated procedures, techniques, and technologies that enhance patient experience. Whether it’s a smaller incision, an accelerated healing process, or an easier way to diagnose disease, these advancements help doctors provide patients with cutting-edge treatment. Here in Chattanooga, we’re fortunate to have exceptional physicians who are focused on delivering the best care every time. We are proud to share some of their newer offerings in the following pages including:

SpecialSection.CHIMemorialAdvancements in

Weight Loss

Over the course of six months, three small weight-loss balloons are inserted in the stomach and inflated, helping patients lose weight faster and keep it off long-term.

SpecialSection.VICAdvancements in

Treating Atherosclerosis

Using lumivascular technology and real-time imaging, vascular surgeons can now navigate and treat peripheral artery disease with greater precision.

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Behavioral Health Care

When parents are equipped with the right skills and understanding to care for a child with special needs, both the child and family unit can prosper.

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Joint Repair

Hallux Rigidus, commonly known as big toe arthritis, can cause debilitating pain that prevents individuals from completing everyday tasks. Fortunately, a new implant is providing relief.

SpecialSection.SESpineAdvancements in

Relieving Neck Pain

For patients suffering from advanced degenerative disc disease in the neck, Cervical Total Disc Replacement (CTDR) can resolve symptoms without limiting range of motion.

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Gait Rehabilitation

Robot-assisted therapy provides intensive and effective treatment for patients recovering from severe neurological injuries.

SpecialSection.EastBrainerdDentistryAdvancements in

Imaging and Dental Care

Cone Beam Computed Tomography allows dentists to capture 3-D images of a patient’s head and neck to provide better care.

SpecialSection.ChattAllergyClinicAdvancements in

Caring for Asthma

Fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) testing can indicate the presence of airway inflammation, a symptom doctors can measure to diagnose and monitor asthma. 

SpecialSection.ChattHeartandRhythmAdvancements in

Heart Health

In the past, patients with pacemakers or implantable cardiovascular defibrillators were advised against undergoing MRI chest scans. Now, compatible devices are eliminating the complications.

SpecialSection.ChattPerioAdvancements in

Periodontal Healing

Following a periodontal procedure, growth factors are especially useful in repairing jawbone structure and gum tissue, and they can speed up the healing process.

SpecialSection.PulminaryAdvancements in

Pulmonary Medicine

With electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopies, pulmonologists can establish 3-D image maps of patients’ lungs to aid in the identification of abnormalities.

SpecialSection.BenchMarkAdvancements in

Pelvic Health

A multidisciplinary approach to therapy is helping individuals suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction regain control of their pelvic muscles.

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Sexual Health

Advancements in field of sexual health have led to the creation of two non-surgical, outpatient treatments – FemTouch for women and EDWave Therapy for men.